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Custom Art Framing Service

Fine art framing services and speciality framing, in general, involve the framing of art that is personal, valuable, or very relevant in some way. It encompasses a number of art products and differs from general picture framing in a variety of ways. Typically, fine art may include but is not limited to the following:

Fine Art Originals

Traditionally, the largest category of fine art is made up of original paintings, sketches, one of a kind commissioned pieces, art on metal, paintings on cloth, art on wood, and pretty much any media that the artist may choose. Watercolors and pastels are also fine art products.

What makes these pieces fine art is the artist and the quality of his or her work, as well as the artist's originality and creativity. Clearly, any investment of such value demands the finest in custom art framing and should only be handled by professionals.

Digital Art

This classification includes any type of computer generated art. One digital art form with a growing audience is fractal art. Fractals, while having very complex and detailed mathematical definitions, are basically patterns that are self repeating. Many times these lines and patterns are computer generated.

However, fractals are not limited to digital art. A very popular fractal that everyone one has seen at one time or another is the reflected image of a mountain or forest on a still lake surface. The image is self repeating, thus a fractal image.


In today’s decorating world, mirrors can certainly be used as fine art. Most common are beveled mirrors in significant frames. However, more artistic appeal may be found in the unique shape or design of a mirror, or in its actual surface or surfaces.

Fractal mirrors have risen in popularity as fine works of art. Also in high demand is art glass or etched glass, and the expert framing of it can produce a truly creative, one of a kind masterpiece.

Limited Edition Prints

By definition, this is a series of signed and numbered prints with a limited printing run. Certainly, the limiting number of the series helps to increase its status, but value of individual prints within the series can vary.

First, the reputation of the artist and the uniqueness of the art help to create a print’s significance. As well, a low number in the series tends to increase its value. Falling within that same spectrum are the artist’s proofs. Typically the first few (5-10) prints are proof pieces that the artist uses to approve the run. These are signed and numbered as proofs, and their value tends to be higher yet.

In the corporate environment, limited edition prints and original art can make a definitive statement about the client's success or love of art. The same can be said, of course, about residential art. It’s all about priorities.


The concept of a shadowbox is that of placing memorabilia of almost any type in a framed box of an appropriate size and appealing design. The framing of a shadowbox is almost always very personal. Its intrinsic value may or may not be of relevance. In fact, more times than not, memorabilia items will have a much higher personal level of importance than monetary or investment value.

One of the most popular items placed in shadowbox frames is sports memorabilia. However, when we build shadowboxes for corporate art projects, they may contain items that reflect what a company does. That can include industrial items, rocks, old books, antique medical instruments, and the list goes on.

Conservation Framing

The framing of old artwork and documents is a most relevant form of fine art framing. To frame and preserve such art and documents properly requires the skill and knowledge of a certified picture framer. The framer will use only the correct materials and processes necessary to protect the value, beauty, and significance of these unique art pieces.

Portrait Framing

Studio portraits of family members, senior pictures, or collages of personal photographs are, by nature, fine art. As noted on the Custom Picture Framing Services page of our website, these fall into the fine art framing category due to their high sentimental value. For both appearance and protection, art of this level demands the finest in custom art framing.


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Vintage Photos & Old Texas Maps

Houston Street Corner - Vintage Photo
Houston Street Corner - Contemporary Photo

One of our many unique offerings is The Story of a Street Corner. This specialty art product literally ties Houston's Yesterday with Today in one quality, custom piece of art designed to your specifications. Select from our collection of old maps and vintage Houston photos to add a special touch to any home or office.

Picture Hanging Service

Large Art Pieces

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Have a professional picture hanger do the job right the first time. We even do special media mounts such as large flat screen TVs. Call for a no obligation price quote.


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