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Floral Photo Art by Thomas Ward

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Custom Picture Framing Service

General picture framing services encompass the bulk of all custom framing work. Much of it falls into the same categories as fine art framing. The differences are primarily in the price points. With lower price points come subtle – and sometimes not so subtle – quality issues.

Personal and Family Photographs

Quite often, general picture framing is thought of in terms of personal and family photographs. These are, for the most part, framed in cheaper, ready made frames from the local discount store.

However, considering the high sentimental value of these pictures, does it make sense to frame them cheaply? On the contrary, any photo you treasure should be framed by a professional. It isn't only about looks. It's also about preserving your memories.

By choosing an expert framer, you not only display your photo at its best, you ensure proper protection that allows enjoyment for years to come.


Our general picture framing service is for the less expensive, straight cut mirrors. In most cases, these are framed with less expensive frames. In other words, they are used more as a mirror than as an art piece.

Such mirrors are seen in the residential environment primarily. They can be found in bedrooms, bathrooms, and hallways, pretty much anywhere that a functional mirror may be needed.

There are many other mirrors that fall under the fine art framing category. For more information on these, please see Custom Art Framing Service.

Art on Canvas

Canvas transfers, or print on canvas, are more than adequate substitutes for original paintings. Prints on canvas are exactly as said. They are images that have been printed with some type of printing device onto canvas. The quality of the print is dependent in great part on the quality of the printer. Many prints done on a giclee printer are of very high quality. Conversely, many that you see at retail stores are of a very poor quality.

Canvas transfers, on the other hand, are done with a process that literally takes the image off the print paper and chemically applies it on canvas. Many times a finish is applied to the surface to give it the appearance of brushstrokes from a paint brush. The difference in printing and transferring is significant in terms of appearance. In either case, they are a good, budget conscious alternative to expensive paintings.

These canvas alternatives are great when considering corporate art. More times than not, corporate art is held to a budget. While having no real art value, these pieces offer potential savings that can free up funds to allow for more or larger pieces of art. Add well chosen custom frames, and art on canvas can allow for an awesome look that is difficult to distinguish from original paintings.

Prints and Posters

Probably the most significant difference between fine art framing and general picture framing involves prints and posters. While there is an ongoing debate regarding limited edition prints vs open edition, the issue, really, is how to frame the print.

Quite often, the majority of corporate art is made up of open edition prints and posters. Despite the lack of any real art value, they do work very well in offices where the goal is to achieve a good look while remaining within a budget.

For example, in a corporate art environment, certain areas may have a number of pieces in one room or on a single wall. The idea is to make these pieces look simple and tasteful. Additionally, there may be a few selected pieces that receive a special treatment, which may make them more suitable for executive offices, corporate board rooms, and lobbies.

Use of prints and posters is common in corporate settings, but to make the statement you want to make for your company, they should always be framed significantly.

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Vintage Photos & Old Texas Maps

Houston Street Corner - Vintage Photo
Houston Street Corner - Contemporary Photo

One of our many unique offerings is The Story of a Street Corner. This specialty art product literally ties Houston's Yesterday with Today in one quality, custom piece of art designed to your specifications. Select from our collection of old maps and vintage Houston photos to add a special touch to any home or office.

Picture Hanging Service

Large Art Pieces

Heavy Mirrors

High Walls

Complex Groupings

Have a professional picture hanger do the job right the first time. We even do special media mounts such as large flat screen TVs. Call for a no obligation price quote.


For the finest in custom picture framing services, experience the quality difference with Houston Art and Frame.

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