Custom Art, Picture Frames

To ensure the look and quality you want and deserve in custom art and picture frames, it is most important to bring in a qualified professional to assist with the decorating process. You can trust our expertise to help you make the best framing choices for art and pictures to display in your home or office.

Selection of Art & Picture Frames

First and foremost, select the right frame.

A good choice in framing materials has the potential to make a $25 print look like an expensive work of art. The same principle applies to any framing project, from a family portrait to a collection of museum quality art. The ideal frame will compliment both the art piece as well as the furnishings in your home or office.

A common mistake is the perfect match. Art pieces and framed portraits or pictures should not compete with the furniture in the room, nor should they blend in so well as to go unnoticed. Rather, the goal is to consider influencing factors such as lighting and colors, and to achieve the proper balance.

Choosing Mats or Liners for Art & Picture Frames

Mats serve two purposes:

  • To decorate the art itself
  • To separate and keep the art from touching the glass

Liners are used in lieu of mats and are generally the better choice when framing paintings. They are made of fabric and other materials.

When making your selections, two of the most important considerations are colors and proportion. Well chosen mats and liners have the potential to truly enhance your art and make it a statement of quality and beauty.

The Right Glass for Art & Picture Frames

Numerous glass options are available for art and picture frames, and we base our recommendations on:

  • value of the art
  • location in room or building
  • environmental factors

  • Most people are aware of “art glass” and its purpose, and you certainly want to achieve the best viewing experience. In addition, the glass you select should provide adequate protection to prevent fading, aging, and deterioration.

    Note: Our custom etched glass is a work of art in itself. If you think etched glass only works well in office and corporate settings, consider game rooms, or wet bars, or front entrances and sidelights, or… call us for more details and ideas – 832-606-3303.

    Art & Picture Frames Mounting

    When having art mounted for framing, it is important to consider the methods that are available.

    Old and valuable documents and other items require special handling and materials to preserve their appearance as well as their value.

    Always consult a qualified professional for handling of these most important pieces.

    In addition to Conservation Framing and custom frames for portraits, photographs, and fine art, Houston Art and Frame also specializes in Sports Memorabilia Display and Framing. Whether the value to you is monetary or sentimental, contact us today to inquire about the perfect solution for custom art and picture frames in your home or office.

    (Also available: Residential picture hanging service – call 832-606-3303.)

    Houston Picture Hanging Service — Why Hire a Professional?

    Have you ever heard the expression, “get me some nails and a hammer and I’ll hang the pictures”. Unfortunately the results are predictable. The art is hung in the wrong place, hung too high or low, hung crooked, or the wall is left with 7 or 8 attempts at getting it right (the dart board effect). This doesn’t even include the most concerning result. What if it falls off the wall and hits someone?

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    To assist you in selecting art for corporate projects, we also offer a Free On-Site Art Consultation service.

    Houston Art and Frame is available by appointment at our Cypress location. More importantly, we will come to your location (office or home) within the Greater Houston and surrounding areas.

    For individuals & companies nationwide, we are available for virtual art consulting appointments through Zoom or Google Meet.