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Corporate artwork has and always will be the concept of placing quality and appropriate artwork in the work environment to impress and set the tone of business for today’s companies. It is also there for the day to day enjoyment of the employees. These jobs and projects will certainly continue at some level in the coming months and years. Office remodeling, new offices, and office relocations will continue to be a part of what corporate artwork means. Houston Art and Frame is committed to these services both in the Houston Metro area and nationwide.

The New Age of Corporate Art

Corporate art has taken on a new meaning and additional look in 2020. The global pandemic has shifted many essential and non-essential employees from the office to home offices. Zoom, skype, Slack, google meet and many other platforms have created a virtual world of meetings at all levels. It is not just the pandemic that has brought in the new way conducting business. The pandemic has just brought the future here closer and faster. It is the nature of the world we live in. Everything is becoming faster and more virtual. The emphasis is shifting from the large corporate presence to faster, more cost-effective ways to handle the day to day business.

We are at the beginning of a new and additional need in corporate art. The well decorated offices and conference rooms have now become kitchen walls, bedroom corners, playrooms, and even garage areas. As time goes on and people adjust to the new normal, first impressions will again become relevant. Sales Representatives will not impress potential buyers with views of kitchen cabinets, attorneys will not create an image of success with a closet in their background and virtual doctor visits will not be comforting to a patient with power tools in the background. So, what is the answer. It is Virtual Corporate Home Office Art from Houston Art and Frame.

Houston Art and Frame’s perspective is one of embracing every part of technology and art resources that are available to bring art to any corporate office or home office in a simple, high tech, and cost- effective process

What Virtual Art Consulting is and Why Does it Make Sense

  • It is simple and it saves valuable time. It’s cost effective because we also work from home and do not pass along the cost of a retail storefront.
  • It is a consultative art selection process and fulfillment for home office or corporate office. It fully involves a qualified art and frame consultant, one on one, with virtual, email, and phone interaction.
  • Today’s employees are very computer/internet savvy and the average person shops on the internet at least as much as traditional store shopping.
  • Social media sites have become a way of life, source of information and communication.
  • Every item or items is custom designed for long term satisfaction- Interaction is what makes us different.
  • We can use client’s digital files, photoshop them, print them on a variety of media, and then frame them. This adds the ability to personalize an art project.

Exactly How Does Corporate Art Consulting Work

The Corporate Office – Houston, Texas, and Nationwide

  • An initial visit is conducted by phone, zoom (or other similar platforms), or email. This is to establish the scope of the job and goals for the client. General colors, styles and ideas are exchanged in a very open conversation. In some cases, on-site may be used where appropriate. This would be based on location and scope of the job.
  • Request for layout or blueprint is next. A way to establish location of potential art, sizes required, and issues that will be part of the final proposal.
  • Client receives images Based on conversations regarding specific needs and requirements, the client will receive images of art pieces and prints to choose from. There are unlimited sources and choices to draw from. This done typically by email, though many other methods may be utilized,
  • Proposal – A proposal.

The Home Office – Houston, Texas, and Nationwide

  • This will be a very simple, virtual and email process to establish the following criteria:
    1. Relevant information regarding the company they represent.
    2. Important personality issues of the client that they would want as part of the art in their home office Ex; Do they like sports, the company image, pictures of family etc.
    3. The client’s vision of what a final art wall would look like.
  • Images of art products will be emailed for selection and a proposal is sent for the client’s approval.

Completion, Delivery, Installation, and Payment

  • Upon approval of the proposal, and necessary deposit, the project begins.
  • Regular updates are sent with pictures. Communication is continued throughout the entire process.
  • The job is delivered or shipped as the circumstances of the project require.
  • Where required, arrangements are made with a service in the area for the installation of the art.
  • The balance due is payable upon the either the fully installed art or the proof of completion and shipment of the project. We accept all forms of payment.

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Houston Art and Frame is available by appointment at our Cypress location. More importantly, we will come to your location (office or home) within the Greater Houston and surrounding areas.

For individuals & companies nationwide, we are available for virtual art consulting appointments through Zoom or Google Meet.